The Top 5 Core Exercises For Men

The Top 5 Core Exercises For Men

Core exercises for men are not your average exercise routines, in fact, the most effective core exercises for men target specific areas of your ab, lower back and glute muscles. Scientists have now confirmed that these core areas of your body are the ones that determine the strength and overall stability of your body. If you want more power, a better posture and a ripped body, then you’ve got to apply the top 5 core exercises for men:

Top 5 Core Exercises For Men #1: Plank

The plank has replaced sit ups and crunches as the number one core exercises for men to build up your upper and lower body muscles. To apply the plank correctly, you must first lie down flat on your stomach. Slowly push your body up with your forearms while maintaining your elbows at a 90 degree angle – keep your body straight for a minute for each rep. To make this exercise even more challenging, lift one foot off the ground.

Top 5 Core Exercises For Men #2: V Sit Hold

This is one of the core exercises for men that really hones in on your abs and helps you build up your core stability. First, lie completely flat on your back, then lift your arms and legs off the ground to create a “V” shape. For maximum effectiveness, maintain this position for as long as you are physically able to.

Top 5 Core Exercises For Men #3: Twisting Crunch

The twisting crush has replaced the normal crunch as one of the best core exercises for men, because it targets every single ab muscle that you have at the same time. To begin, start with your typical crunch position, lift up you upper body to a 45 degree angle, and then twist from left, to right, to left again. Do this quickly for the best results.

Top 5 Core Exercises For Men #4: Plank On A Ball

Now that you’re familiar with the plank, you’re ready to rock the plank on a ball! There are two ways that you can do the plank on a ball: first of all, you can start with your forearms on the ball while keeping on your toes, and keep yourself straight like a normal plank. The other way is by placing your feet on the ball and maintaining the standard plank position on the floor. Keep your body straight for as long as you can for maximum effect.

Top 5 Core Exercises For Men #5: Ball Roll Ins

One of the top core exercises for men is the ball roll ins, because they focus on your core ab muscles. Start off with your hands on the ground and the top of your feet on top of a ball (a bit like the second plank on a ball position). Next, use your feet to bring the ball closer to your torso by bending your knees (the roll in), and then once you’ve reached the limit of this motion, roll the ball back away from your torso. The key to applying this exercise successfully is to use your abs and not your hip flexors to perform the motion.

There you have it, the top 5 core exercises for men.

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Core Exercises for Men

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